Let the free and discarded items of the world become your treasure. Amass it wherever you go. At the doctor’s office, request toys from the toy chest. At the insurance agency and the bank, gather stickers and cards. At any office or shop in the city, you’ll find plentiful handbills and fliers. Take one of each. Pick up rubber bands, hair bands, pins. Collect bottle caps, playing cards, balls. Bus transfers, balloons, milk carton tops, twist ties, receipts; pebbles, shells, seedpods, petals of plants. Take ketchup packets, take napkins. What the rest of the world abandons shall be your prize. It shall fill your pockets, pile up in bowls, rest on tables and shelves. It shall serve as decoration of your personal space. Cherish it. Savor its feel. There is little that does not deserve the celebration of your gathering hands, the validation of touch.